Friday, June 15, 2007


dave, kerry and ashley in catalina
nick and shannon, colin and kerry, derek and ashley..prom
nick and kerry
kerry and grayson at the grand canyon
so, today's the big day for's been a long time coming...she's excited and ready to face the world...she has big plans and i'm thrilled for her...kerry is so talented...she is a beautiful artist, she is so creative in her artwork, her journal making...she is just so clever...i love to see what she will come up with...she is talented in her fashion sense..always looks so cute and stylish...everything she wears looks beautiful on her..she is fun to be with...she entertains me greatly...always has some story to tell about school or her friends or whatever..this year has been a very fun year...she's been so busy and had a great time..kerry is a very sweet girl..she's a good friend, worries about everyone...wants everyone to be happy..she has a very tender heart...she's easy to be around (unless she's hungry, then you better watch out!)...she isn't the type that has to have it her way...she lets me have mine too...i am so proud to kerry...i know that she will accomplish great and wonderful things...she has greatness in go out and conquer the world, kerry...we'll all be watching....i love


thanks for making my day with your thoughts...