Saturday, March 17, 2007

aging or ageless?

so, if any of you noticed...i (or rather kelly) added the "younger" picture of me to my profile...i was really a cute little girl....i've always had a theory that when you get old, you look like you did when you were a, maybe there's hope for me that i will be cute again! i was talking to marty and we were talking about age...i'm turning that age in april...the big can hardly believe it...i'm not supposed to be this doesn't really bother mostly surprises just creeps up on you and're old! of course...i'm just in my "prime"! i remember grandma lundgren saying that she felt 20, even if she was 80...i understand that now...your head still thinks you're young when your body says no...i truly believe that you're as young as your mind maybe when i have alzheimers, i will really be will be great...i'll look like i did when i was a baby and not know anything...but, i'll be in an adult size body...that's actually pretty, maybe i'll quit while i'm, the gist of the is...enjoy the age you're at..and every age...there's always something great about it....oh, by the way...this is me in about 30 years...


  1. I'm going with the idea that 60 will be great, because the starting of the 50 decade hasn't gone so the goal is to have a coming out party at 60 and I will be gorgeous and full of energy!

  2. 60 is the new 40, and 50 is the new 30. I think it was my generation that coined the phrase "Never trust a person over 30." Maybe that was before we could count that high.

  3. I think 50 sounds awesome...maybe I'll skip a few years to get there!


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