Tuesday, March 6, 2007

chinese torture

yesterday in my blog i talked about my favorite things of my childhood....and as i was writing i thought about all the tortures i had also...so, i thought i would mention those...just in fun mind you...and this goes out to my big brother and sisters..look at the pictures of those sweet kids, and think how did they torture their baby sister like they did?..these are a few of the "fun" times we had as kids...i know why i don't like teasing....it brings to mind so many of my tortures....the most famous one is that they told me i had an orange head...now, it was only orange at the back and i could't see it in the mirror...i can hear marty laughing "you have an orange head"...of course i believed them....tom would point his finger at me and laugh silently...that got me...mom would tell him to stop, so he would put his hand under the table and just look at me....i would cry of course...mom told me once when i was older that i cried alot when i was a kid...i was asking her because kerry,being the youngest was always picked on and cried all the time.....polly would have "torture" time...she actually called it that...i would have to smell her feet for 100 years....and of course, i would do it....we also had tickle time where she would tickle me for 100 years...she also told me these "uncle rishard" stories...but, she would make me say uncle rishard and of course i never said it right...if i said it uncle rishard, it was really uncle ree shard, or uncle riShard...or whatever...we never got an actual story because i couldn't say the word right...then there was tom chasing me around our kitchen with a wet dish rag, whipping me...i was polly's slave in the fact that i always had to find anything she lost...i was always looking for her glasses...tom would have me clean his bedroom including the bathroom and changing the sheets for $.50 a week! of course i thought it was great...i was a little stupid...and then i would scratch his back for 1 minute for 1 piece of candy...he would go buy a bag of penny candy and i would earn it....that's not really torture because i was paid...i just can't believe i was so cheap! there were many other things that i was tortured with, but these were just some of my favorites...of course, i was just such a sweet little sister...i never did anything to bug them because i was the perfect child.....right?


  1. The orange head was a great one, I admit. The pointing was called "Pointing." We did it to Polly, too. To do it appropriately you point at the person, and nod your head and laugh quietly in a mocking way. When a mother is watching, you do it under the table and just barely nod your head, so you can't be caught. This is what I picture the people in the great and spacious building doing to the people who are holding to the rod. We were preparing you to be a strong person and hold to your values inspite of peer pressure. I think we should be thanked!

  2. I also feel that we should be thanked for raising you up to the strong woman you are today. It was a well thought out plan with only your best interests in mind. By the way that picture of the 3 of us kids...Tom looks like your Russell, or rather, Russell looks like Tom. Did Russell ever tease Kerry? I doubt it!


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