Thursday, March 22, 2007

spring has sprung

spring has sprung...i always know it's spring when it's tom's birthday...his birthday is a couple of weeks before mine and as a kid i always knew it was coming happy birthday(the 23rd) brother tom...your'e the greatest brother ever...of course, my only one...but, that wouldn't, since it's spring and today turned out gorgeous...we went down to was a gorgeous day after a week of gloom ...sunny, warm, just was a nice time...we went to this great greek was good...then, took the babies to the park...gavin had fun running around...he ended up hitting on denise richards little girls...she wanted to give him her ice cream and he wanted it...until kelly stopped him...taryn, shannon, kerry and i shopped around, they have fun stores there...we saw kelsey grammer and his, that was our star search for the was a nice way to spend a spring, we are lucky to have great days like this one...we should always be thankful for all of them....

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  1. I love spring days..each day you look outside and there is one more thing that looks a little green. You can open the windows and get a little fresh air and hear kids outside playing. It's a good feeling.


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