Thursday, March 1, 2007

bowling daze

yesterday was my big bowling's turning into a very fun's crazy before i when i get there at 9 it's a, i'm still a terrible bowler, but, i do improve a bit hand was hurting last week for about 3 days after bowling and yesterday started hurting again, so i talked to the pro, he said i was clutching the ball to tight! didn't know there was so much to bowling...probably why i'm not very i was working on that.. i think it helped, my hand doesn't hurt today...i find that i'm not to competitive...i think the best part is talking to my friends, watching the others bowl is fun too...these ladies have such different styles and they are soooo good....afterwards we go to lunch, yesterday we went with some ladies from another was alot of fun...we talked for a couple of hours...i guess bowling is really just a therapy day...we all seem to need it!


  1. I'm so impressed! New hobbies and interests at 50. You're one of the younger "elders" I've been reading about who make the older elders look bad. Do you get to get cute outfits for bowling?

  2. tonight Jeff, the kids, and I went to dinner at Jeff's parents. When Bruce asked what you were up to I told him you had joined a bowling league. I got the same reaction I get from everyone I tell... "hmmm, bowling?" Hey, I think it's awesome. But you guys definitely need shirts. maybe bug can paint a couple of those v-neck shirts of his for you and the girls


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