Thursday, March 8, 2007

honesty is the best policy...for me

last sunday as after we sat down in church, i noticed that my diamond bracelet was missing...kerry went outside to retrace our steps and look in the bracelet...when we got home i looked and looked outside, in the house, my bedroom luck...trying to think where i had been on saturday, thinking that's probably when i lost it...on tues. i called the temple asking if they had a lost and found..told them my problem, but, they had not seen that point i thought...that's more (thursday), i came home while the gardeners were here and as i walked into my door, i saw my bracelet! i was so excited! so, i went and asked them if they had found it and one of them said yes, he found it out on the patio....i was so grateful that he returned it and told him so...i told his boss also..that would have been so easy to, tonight i am very grateful for a person that is honest.....a little story to remember.


  1. hooray, hooray. what a happy story. i am glad you found your treasure.


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