Saturday, March 24, 2007

aloha dreamin'

it's been a fun, but busy week...lots of goings on with kerry and russ, their friends...having kathy and taryn here...kelly and babies visiting...very fun...i will be sooooo lonely next week....but that's how it goes, i guess...i've been doing some crafting, so, i need to keep on it...also, i need to keep cleaning out cupboards and things that i started a few weeks, back to normal life...and in two weeks....hawaii....can't hardly wait...i will start dreaming of sandy beaches...warm waters...and laying out...what fun...i love vacations....although i guess, technically, i've been on vaca for a week, it's back to getting busy until the fun starts....


  1. I want to go to Hawaii and lay on the beach too.....I am off to SF, alone,( with my sister) to meet up with my family for a week or so. Mark was hoping we would be working on the house,but it looks questionable now and I am now off on my own getaway. You ALL have a great time and please imagine me there right with you guys on the beach at Turtle Bay:o(

  2. I want to go to Hawaii too! Is there anyroom for my gigantic oxygen machine? It would look great on the beach, but I would get funny lines on my face where the tubes maybe next time.


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