Monday, March 5, 2007

rain drops on roses

so, martys last blog reminded me of some of my favorite's fun to think back at what you love and in my case, is a sampling....i love lilacs, i remember walking to school in the spring and smelling all the beautiful lilacs when they were in that same remembrance, i remember hearing the 5 min. bell ring and being late, i would take off running, we would cut through all the yards...the princes, the wallins, some others on panorama, until we got to mares house which was just by crestview...then, we would run through the school yard grass, most likely being late for memories are fun, but, i think they are a whole other post...i love fresh peach pie that dad would bring home from grandma's house...he would stop on the way and pick up corn and the pies, we would dig into those right away...i remember sitting outside on our grass when there was a lightening storm, pretending that the lightening was a movie...playing kick the can in the street at night, riding harold glazier's big board when it snowed, he would pull us with his truck, playing in the old tarzan tree, playing with chili, and all of the other imaginary friends that polly came up with...playing house in the garage with polly and tony, actually i think they were playing and i was watching, not being allowed to play with them...sleepovers with kathy, mare and robyn at kathy's house...toilet papering, riding dapple with suzi., singing outside with all the cousins, eating grandpa's homemade raspberry ice cream...crawling into mom and dads bed in the mornings, when i was sick and would stay home, dad would say i had boob toobitys, since i just layed there watching tv, mom just always being there, knowing she was around made things safe and sound....the list could really go on and's fun to think of these i was thinking of my favs,i thought of the terrors.maybe my next blog should be about child hood tortures....


  1. hearing your stories about your childhood always makes me a little jealous. I wish I had been there! It always sounds like you had so much fun... I hope that when I recount my childhood, I too will be able to make my kids green with envy.

  2. This is a great post! I loved your memories. I remember climbing in bed with mom and dad during lightning storms and we'd all duck under the covers when the thunder boomed. I also felt completely safe. What a blessing.


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