Tuesday, March 27, 2007

good samaritins

i just read marty's post on the wanderers from her train and it made me think of what good people there are in the world...i know there are lots of rotten, terrible people, but on a whole i think there are really good, helpful people...it made me think of times when people have helped me...kelly and i were in nyc and we didn't really need help, but i remember some different new yorkers asking if we needed directions...one even told us where a really neat place to go was...another couple, tom and i met on a train in norway, we spent quite a few hours together and they told us places to go etc, got us hooked on a special ice cream...neighbors that come together in times of need, like an earthquake, a fire, a death...people that guide you somewhere after you've asked directions..people help you find something that's lost...it's nice to have faith in mankind to know that if you need help that you will be able to find it...that makes me very happy and grateful....think about who has come to your aid...someone that is a stranger or someone you don't know really well...i am sure that you'll will think of quite a few....,be a good samaritan yourself.

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