Saturday, March 10, 2007

what makes you dream?

i think i need a vacation or i just like dreaming of them....i was looking at these pictures, and many more and i just want to be there! don't you? what is it that makes these places so visit in person or in our dreams? so while you're sitting...dream a little...i think i do this all the, this could be a repeat...but, it's a nice repeat...


  1. I love vintage travel posters! There's a store in Zurich that sells antique posters.... Zurich....I love the train station there. Trains...I love the Orient Express from Paris Gare du Nord...ah, Paris...I love the Metro. And the Tube...ah, London: I love the British Library. I love the NYC Public Library. I love the NYC delis. Hmmm, I'm hungry. I'm going to watch the travel channel while I eat some pie...The best pie in the world is at an apple farm in Toledo...ah, Toledo...

  2. I'm glad you found the picture site... aren't they fun. just to let you know, everyday i dream of being somewhere else. It doesn't take much... I could be at your house, or the south pacific. Anywhere that doesn't have responsibilities, laundry, and a house to clean. So if you want a buddy, I'm there!

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thanks for making my day with your thoughts...