Friday, March 16, 2007

party on!

russie came home's always so fun to have him hear...he adds life to the house...the dogs were so happy to see him...they were crying...kerry picked him up at the airport...i've never let her drive that far least toward L.A. , it's so crazy down there...but i guess she's leaving soon, so she better learn how to do, i realized how wonderful it is...i didn't have to go! wow! she'll have to do it more often...i often wonder why they have a senior year...she doesn't really do's a social time then they go to lunch...tomorrow she has a class, a rally, then she wants to leave early to go to the beach with russ....and you know what? i don't really care as long as she, the party has started!


  1. I agree with the Senioritis philosophy. Pete and Josh both went about once a week for the last 2 months, and they are totally brilliant.

  2. my kids probably went to school about 1/4 of their sr year. I didn't care, I remember the fun of leaving school early and just kind of feeling free.I did have to explain to Mrs Staley on a daily basis why I missed school. I always said it was cause I started my period..That was one long period!


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