Saturday, March 28, 2009

amber fort

today we drove up to the amber's out of town and up in the you drive up the road you see a wall that goes up and down the tips of the mountains...a mini wall of china...the fort was built in the 1700''s high up in the mountains with an older fort that's at the top of the mountain...they used that one first , then moved down into the amber was very beautiful with an entrance for the maharajah and a separate one for his wives..he had 12...we drove in an old jeep on a very, very bumpy road...they are always restoring things here, but don't seem to get anything done..we saw elephants-they were dressed up for the new year celebration that is this week..when we got out of the jeep there were so many beggars, people selling things it's was hard to walk..all wanting money from us....we saw camels, wild pigs..lots of different animals...on the way back to the city we stopped at the summer palace which is built on a lake..for some weird reason, the ground floor is always under water...strange...we got back early, so we laid out...russ had a massage first, then kathy and i had was in the same room..guess they thought we were a couple...the spa is in a building made of tents., but with a regular floor, windows and doors...another greasing of my hair...can't believe how greasy it was...must have put a few cups in it...we were supposed to have a little cooking lesson tonight, but it didn't work out..too tomorrow we are going to drive to agra...the taj mahal! can't wait...

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  1. I am so intrigued by all this. It's fun to see the animals in your photos.


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