Sunday, March 22, 2009

things we've noticed in india

well, kathy, russ and i are sitting in our room, just chillin', so we're going to tell some things we've noticed about india..they love business cards...sort of like the olden days, when everyone had a card to present, i've been asked for my card...they love curry...morning, noon, and night...the slums are called suburbs...are there worse ones that we haven't seen? if you work construction, you usually live on the side of the road in a yucky tent...they do the bobble on the head..they bobble their heads back and forth to say yes...the construction workers get paid $6 a day and they are making good money! teachers get paid $300 and professor $900..of course who do they teach? i don't see alot of them in school...although alot do go to university and have masters...haven't seen the call centers that are calling the u.s....when they speak, they speak pretty good english, then start going faster and faster and then it sounds like marbles are in their, you miss a bit of the sentence..very nice people though...well, we're going to the pool..i'd go to the beach but kathy is afraid that the brown ribbon in the water is poo! so, we'll just go to the's about 95 degrees here...oh, and a final thing...steve got pink eye and got eye drops from the pharmacy for about 30 cents..he is supposed to put drops in every hour, but does it about every 15 minutes...driving is taking your life in your hands..they are literally about 2 inches away from the other car, bus or truck...just going for it!


  1. Hi, Jolyn--
    Nice collage of photos, you have a great variety. I bet it is humbling to see the "slums..." and I didn't see the movie but now you have seen where it was filmed. Cool.

    Thanks for the description of church--we attended one while traveling in Mexico that was similar, just in a house on the back porch but people were SO friendly. No security like that, though.

    Wow. Keep recording your snippets! :)

  2. This is so interesting! Is it safe for Americans to walk around? Is the food safe to eat?


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