Sunday, March 29, 2009

the taj mahal

what a way to start the day!!!
we went to the taj mahal this morning...amazing...beautiful...fantastic to see...what a gorgeous place...there are grounds, a park like place, the city gate, a mosque all surrounding the's just built for the one purpose...for the burial place of the queen, and then the king was buried there also...a beautiful story.they fell in love at first sight, they married 5 years later...they were married for 19 years, she had 17 pregnancies, 14 deliveries and only 7 kids lived, she died giving birth or soon after..he was so disraught that he built this building to honor their's made of marble, that's shines when hit by the sun...and inlaid work of marble and stone.everything about the building is in perfect was a great we are just resting around the hotel...leaving here :( to go to delhi...another drive...we'll stop and see the agra fort


  1. Those pictures are amazing! What a beautiful sight.

  2. Oh man, Jolyn!!!!!

    I was gone for the weekend (yes, yesterday was my bday so I joined Frank in Toronto a couple of days of his conference...I'll blog that later)

    Anyway I am catching up on my missed days of your trip! Beautiful shots of the Taj Mahal, thanks for the story to go with it.

    My other "wow" moments are your pics of the snake charmers, elephants and camels, and your crazy driver stories. Reminds me of Mexico City, only worse!


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