Friday, March 20, 2009


We flew into mumbai,india's crazy...but, pretty start off...before the plane left the sprayed the plane with insecticide...some weird gov. rule...we were met at the airport by a driver from the we drove, the traffic was crazy...the only rule is that there are no rules...3 lanes become 5...whoever can go, out or your'e in trouble...he showed us the nice buildings, the suburbs, the slums, the shopping...trouble is...i thought it all looked pretty, i know what a 3rd world country looks like...even thenew stuff looks crummy...steve was saying you take your life in your hand everytime you walk outside...he also says the men do this 'bobble head' thing going side to side to say we went on a tour of the city...we went to the 'jain' was interesting..they are one of the many, many religions take your shoes off, you can't turn your back on the statues...the people make offerings of rice...there are some men that make some yellow stuff and men put it on their we left, we were attacked by beggars..they follow you to your car, act like they are with you...we then went to this park that has a lot of the middle of the park there is a part which we couldn't go see where the jains leave their dead..they don't believe in bury or they take the body to this part and leave...vultures eat it and then they bury the bones! sick! we saw where a bunch of families have a washing, drying and ironing business....have had it for many, many years..the men do the looks like alot of hard work...not in washing hand....then they deliver it...we went past the train station, some newer buildings...we went to ghandi's house..interesting...went to the gate of india...beggars attacked kathy...we saw beggars with no arms, it's really sad...we went to the veg market...they had animals also...we saw many of the tin lunches on bikes being delievered...amazing...a guy cleaning another man's ears..then, later kathy and i went to a travel agent to plan the rest of the trip...we drove in a 'cool cab' which has a/c....on the way cool cabs...had to take an old yellow and black...he couldn't understand english, so the beggar woman told him how to get home...the money is $1 for 50 rupees...i gave the bellman 50 rupees...kathy said it was a good people we were told make $6 for 8 hours of work...our hotel i found out was one of the ones bombed in novemeber...the security it tight...they check the cars, your luggage, bags, etc. every time you enter the hotel...well, more later...

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  1. sounds very interesting! keep us posted on all your comings and goings!


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