Thursday, March 26, 2009

jai mahal

i put a map of india on so you can see where we are, where we're going, etc. we started in mumbai, flew north to udaipur, then flew farther north and in-land to jaipur...then, we'll drive east to agra, then north to delhi and south again to we got up early and flew to was on a pretty small plane...but, the flight was fine...jaipur is a larger city about 3 million people...we are staying at the jai is an older hotel, reminds me of an old english type hotel from the 1940's...alot of workers working on the gardens as they call them...ladies sweeping the leaves off the grass...clipping the weeds from the grass...we laid out at the pool today...there were birds that thought the pool was a large bird feeder or something..anyway...a nice slow afternoon...tomorrow we'll go sightseeing...tonight outside on the hotel there are supposed to be activities like a little mini bazaar, puppet show etc...should be interesting...


  1. thanks for the map, so I could see where we are on the vacation. How many hours ahead are you. Is it like a whole day?

  2. Your posts are like little Rick Steves TV shows. I'm learning so much and the map will totally help. Thanks for sharing it all with your faithful readers.


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