Wednesday, March 25, 2009

udaipur--the city

we toured udaipur today..very interesting..had a very nice guide..we figure he's about 25 and his family is looking for a bride for him...they will choose...he has never dated...interesting...then, they will live at his, we went to the temple was very high up, with alot of was interesting...while we were there, they were chanting and ringing this bell...really loud...the older people go every morning to this's an interesting process...then, we drove to the palace...that place is huge! it's sooooo long and big..there is the maharana's side and the queen's side...there are all these windows, where the women look out because they aren't to be seen...the palace was highly decorated with tiles, pictures etc...very ornate and beautiful...there is still a royal family, but now they don't govern, they are just making alot of money...then, we went to some shops..that was fun..bought some fun stuff...russ was pretty bored at this stop! then, we went to some gardens which were nice..another stop for jewelry...then, to the museusm...their museums are weird in the fact that they always have these little dioramas showing things...interesting...then, they gave us a puppet was cute...we also stopped for lunch at this little place...pretty then it was about 4 pm so we came back to the is such a pretty spot...we have been cooling off in the pool outside our rooms..watching the deer, vultures (they look like hawks),'s fun to see...

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  1. each day everything sounds more fantastic! it is fun travelling through India with you love,polly


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