Sunday, March 29, 2009

some activites today

not to say we didn't do anything fun today..we we drove along to agra...we stopped at fatehpur sikri which is an old palace built in the 1500' was really pretty, made of sandstone..the king built the city and brought his 3 wives to a wife because she gave him a son...she had a huge palace of her own on the property...a christian wife, she had no children..more of a gift from someone...and the muslim wife that had 2 daughters..and a small place to live...there is a beautiful mosque there also...after we got to the hotel we just layed around and enjoyed ourselves...


  1. so when the three of you travel, do people think russ has two older wives?

  2. I was glad to see you in the pictures. I was afraid you were just posting pictures of a trip Russell took with Kathy.


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