Monday, March 30, 2009

a break...or all about alison

i just needed to take a break...from my travelogue that is...i heard via email that my wonderful friend alison is moving next week....i think she is moving while i'm gone because that's the only way i'll let her go! alison is a fantastic friend...i've known her for about 22 years when she moved into our ward...she was the lucky person who babysat russ for me while i went and helped in the kids classrooms...then, we were pregnant together, me with kerry and she with landon...that was fun and we traded babies from the time they were little...she has been my friend through all my fun times and my trials...i gave her a few in the form of my children, she and chuck babysat for us a few times when we went out of of those times we had had a bomb threat at our house! the week before! and they were still game and willing to long as we had police or private protection...which we did...i guess we really needed to leave! and then alison was there for me when tom was sick...she always has known the right thing to do and to say...and then she does it! i'm very blessed to have such a friend..we have had alot of great times together, trips, spa dates, lunches and dinners, birthdays and bowling.... i will miss her so much...she tried to get away a few years ago by moving out of our ward..but, that didn't do her much good...i was still there to bug, even though she's going to boise...i'll still have to keep on her...after all, we have a spa date in a few months...i'll miss you ali...


  1. I'll actually miss Alison, too. Do I have to take her off the giant chart on my wall? (That's the only way I can keep track of all your cool friends.)

  2. Oh how I love Allison. In fact... She's my inspiration. I aspire to be her. Yup, she's wonderful. That was such a sweet post! I really felt your love for her.

  3. The Cooleys will leave a HUGE hole in our valley when they are gone! I don't even know Alison as well as you, but I will miss her also.


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