Tuesday, March 24, 2009


today we flew to udaipur. it is north of mumbai..about an hour flight..last night before we left we went to dinner at this great indian restaurant...the chef came out and told us that he would bring us the food we should eat...it was fantastic...the taxi ride there of course was pretty scary...it's unreal how they can drive...we're staying at the gorgeous oberoi hotel...it's amazing...i could just stay here and not even see the city...but, we will go out and see that tomorrow...i'll take pictures tomorrow...we have a little semi private pool that serves a few rooms...our room looks out on a animal conservation area...there are wild boar, deer, vultures..i don't know what else..pretty cool...i had a fantastic massage, russ and kathy stayed at the pool for the afternoon..then we went and had a great dinner...so, tomorrow we'll see the sights...

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  1. sounds cool. see if you can convince russ to ride a wild boar. he already has one hole in his nose. what else can happen?


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