Saturday, March 21, 2009

elephant island

today (sat) we went to elephant island which is about 1 hours slow boat ride from mumbai...guess they think it looks like a elephant, that's why it's named we were walking to the boat, we saw this man..look at the picture..he's eyebrows are like visors, as kathy, the little beggar boy selling flowers..he looked like he was about elephant island we had to walk up 130 stairs...whew! it was hot!!! dripping!!! we saw monkeys that you have to watch your stuff around them, because they will steal it...what we saw is this hindi tells the 7 stories of of their gods...this temple was dug out of the mountain,, it took 300 years to build starting in the 6th these statues were really good...when we were going back to the boat, these little old, shriveled up ladies wanted us to take our pictures with them...then you pay kathy and russ did...but, the one lady was very upset because she wanted to be alone with russ...she was ok after we paid both of there is russ with his 2 new girls...going back in the taxi, we were all four crammed into this tiny thing...russ' head barely fit...they are really, another day...more later...
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