Friday, March 27, 2009


today we saw jaipur...or the pink's the old city with a huge pink wall around it...we went to the city we drove in our guide pointed out people selling bird feed to others..he called it a 'bird restaurant', people buy the bird seed to feed the birds..and monkeys that are around...we then went to an astrology park...there was the biggest sundial in the all these horoscope things..they are really into that here...we then went to the palace, didn't go into the palace except for this museum they have..interesting...we drove around the city and saw other things..we also saw where they make fabric and rugs...they hand stamp the fabric with a design...saw how they polish gems for jewelry etc...we also saw many camels pulling carts...donkeys, elephants,cows standing in the middle of the road, dogs, lots of animals wandering in town..we also saw some 'snake charmers', we see ladies that sweep the leaves off the grass, they need a rake, if any of you saw ' the amazing race' last sunday, it featured's alot like that...crazy...our tour got back sort of we had time to kill today and it was, we wandered around our 'colonial' really reminds of being at some english peoples house for the weekend...we went to the 'gymnasium' and they had ping pong, so we played, russ killed us...then we played at the pitch and putt...the little guy that works there was going to be our caddy and russ invited him to play..i think he ended up winning...we also threw darts...on a very small dart board, and played ring toss...i won! tonight we went to this italian resturant at the was outside...the waiters are so nice...they know exactly what we want to drink..oh, we also saw them making 'naan' which is indian was pretty cool to watch...the chef told us tomorrow that he will show us how to make some 'gravies' or i imagine curry...that will be fun...we watched american idol...which is delayed a day...and we saw Kelly! that was fun...anyway...that was our day..

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  1. Your pictures are so informative. I pictured these places in India so differently. The camel in the middle of the road is pretty unique!


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